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This just in: raffle wheels, mid-century chairs and more

Dated Posted: May 1st, 2009

Written By: Leila

This spring weather is so inspiring – I’m getting all geared up for flea marketing and road trips…something about shoving way too much heavy stuff into the back (and onto the roof) of a van makes it feel like summer!  We’re not quite there yet, but it has been a busy couple of weeks.  Here is a peek at just some of the stuff that has rolled in lately:

'here is your lucky number' wheel lucky wheel II

First up, these two raffle wheels – The Price is Right comes to mind.  I love how folky these are, all the numbers hand painted, and both equally charming in their own ways.  We also got some reproduction items in this week – the brocade pots and the artichoke finials are summer favourites – they are really inexpensive and look great in the garden or anywhere that you want some fresh accessories for the new season.   (note: the terra cotta is fine for the spring and summer months but please bring them inside before the first frost)

 brocade pots terra cotta artichoke finials 

These tin birds are new, and very sweet – they come in two sizes and people have been buying them just as display items, or to use as whimsical toppers for fence posts.


We got in these great cabinet doors – two pairs of the larger ones and one pair of the small.  They’re in perfect shape but what’s best is that we have their original hardware – nice, heavy, polished nickel cabinet latches with their strike catches.  Build them into a custom cabinet, a butler’s pantry or even  mirror them for an incredible bathroom unit. 

pine cabinet doors

Lastly, we got a bunch of goodies from a movie prop rental place that is closing down.  A lot is still packed up including a ton of schoolhouse lights, hardware and more, but here’s the beginning:

 sphere ornament glass shades 

bar stools x 2 vintage wallpaper

We got two of these stools – they need new foam seats but the frame is in great shape.  Also some vintage wallpaper…and if you have any trouble thinking up things to do with wallpaper, visit design*sponge’s DIY section, or read their interview with the authors of Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art.

 lamp base mid-century chairs industrial light     

A cool table lamp base as well as 4+1 mid-century aluminum chairs (four are matching, one is very similar but not quite).  The vinyl backs are very clean, but the foam and fabric on the seat have seen better days.  The good news is they look like a snap to recover.  And the industrial light has a great corrugated-glass inside, as you can see in the detail photo below.  A tiered candle holder from an old church would be fantastic on a sideboard, and the antique scale comes with a wooden box with a few weights (many of them are missing, but the box is so great we couldn’t leave it behind!)

mid-century chairs II industrial light - detail tiered candle holder scales

Will post more as they are available, but at this time of year things tend to come in faster than I can post them, so do check in often!


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