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Taking my own advice.

Dated Posted: June 29th, 2011

Written By: Leila

Quite a while ago I did a post about Doors as Art – we have so many gorgeous doors and other panels at the store that can be admired just as they are, as one-of-a-kind works of art that deliver huge impact.

We found this panel a couple of years ago on a rooftop in Cairo, as the sun was setting – I’m a sucker for romantic tales of procurement.  Down below was an ‘urban farm’ operation on one side , and a holding pen of old doors and mosque tiles on the other – do any look familiar?  We brought a lot of those doors and tiles home!  This is actually the back of the panel, but I didn’t know it at the time.

There was a bit of a love-at-first-sight situation, and my first thought was to use it as a headboard but it turned out to be slightly narrow for that.  I didn’t have another wall big enough for it at the time, so it just sat burried in our aptly-named ‘room of keepage’ in the basement of the store.  Two years later, I have a living room with a big wall and finally an opportunity to use the panel. We installed it last night and I love it.

In this day and age where so many home furnishings are recognizeable from one big-box store or another, it’s particularly important to balance the mass-market, one-size-fits-all aspect with some truly special pieces to make your space your own.


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