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Shopping with Sarah 101

Dated Posted: November 13th, 2011

Written By: Leila

It’s no secret that we enjoy having Tommy Smythe at our store. He has a great eye and notices things that a lot of people don’t. On his last visit, he actually said ‘I’ve been here for 15 minutes talking to people but haven’t actually made eye contact with anyone because I’m just trying to see everything’. Later, he posted this album of his shopping trip at The Door Store on his Facebook page. (I love reading all the comments! Come visit us, all of you!)

Tommy and Sarah Richardson stopped by last week to do some sourcing and filming for the next season of Sarah 101. Now here’s the thing: most design TV shows come in, choose the stuff they want, then come back weeks later and plant them in the store to ‘find’. It’s not cheating, it’s just how TV works, like cooking shows having the cookies pre-made in the oven. We all know it works that way. But this duo often come in and just wing it. Last week they came in to buy these amazing brackets*:

…and left buying the brackets, plus a vintage scooter, a cuckoo clock, a porcelain pedestal, two skinny columns, and a wrought iron console table. A random collection, yes, and who knows where it will all end up. But it’s fun to watch the pair work, and we always look forward to seeing our things all happy in their new homes. Speaking of which, have you been watching Sarah’s House 4 ? (You can watch past episodes here). So far almost every room has had a little splash of The Door Store, and since the Living Room episode aired where they used a vintage mantle to add character to a cookie-cutter builder home, we’ve noticed an increased interest in mantles. Maybe it’s the show, maybe it’s the cold weather, we’ll never really know…

*ps – these reproduction brackets are new to us, and we love them. Plus – they’re only $20 each!

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