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On the road again: Pennsylvania

Dated Posted: June 3rd, 2009

Written By: Leila



This weekend we headed south on a buying road trip.  The drive through NY and PA was great, and we came back with a truckload of goodies.  First stop was a flea market where we scored some cute vintage school desks, a stool, crates of hardware, a birdcage, a set of little drawers, and much more.  But it didn’t stop there – over the weekend we filled the truck with doors, drawers, chairs, lights, and more.  Here is a sampling:

pair small leaded doors - great for kitchen or butler's pantry build-ins.  bench

This pair of leaded doors would be great built into a kitchen or butler’s pantry unit.  The green two-seater is in great shape.

drafting stool  school desks

A great vintage drafting stool, and how cute are these school desks?  The swivel seats are attached and the lids lift up to stash books, lunches, slingshots and secret notes.

vinyl stools  dapper gents

This pair of vinyl stools are great for the patio.  Framed portrait of some gents that are very dapper indeed.

little drawers  for dad

I love this mis-matched small drawer unit – and the missing drawers make perfect little cubbies for displaying things.  The framed print is a sweet message to Dad, and SO much greater than a Father’s Day card (June 21st!).

platters  birdcage

A whole variety of assorted vintage platters.  If you’ve watched Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at Home, then you know how hot mis-matched vintage platters are!  The birdcage has milk-glass feeders and a great stand.  Add a colourful feather bird ornament from Chinatown and you’ve got a conversation piece!

knight  shutters

This knight plaque could work outdoors, over a mantle, or anywhere you need a little regalia.  We got about 3 dozen of these pale blue-grey shutters with great heavy panels for use as cabinet doors, or  paneling, or as a backing for coat hooks, or just as shutters (fancy that).

work bench  door pulls

A great vintage workbench and deco door pulls (or oversized drawer pulls).

doors  setup at store 

We picked up three doors with these wreath-motif panels, a large wooden filing cabinet unit with 24 drawers, and the vintage ‘men working’ sign.

dresser  chairs and schoolhouse light

A really lovely marble-topped dresser, orange vinyl school chairs, painted schoolhouse light.

mirrors  antiques & fallout

1920s vanity mirrors, and Cold War-era fallout shelter-cum-antiques store. 

wine table i  wine table ii

Since getting back we also acquired this French wine-tasting table.  Great old patina, and it easily folds out of the way for when the tasting in the wine cellar inevitably unravels to a dance party!

There is really much more than just what’s pictured here, but you’ll have to come in to see the rest!


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