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Jen’s speedy (and cheap!) door makeover.

Dated Posted: September 20th, 2011

Written By: Leila

Writer/blogger Jen Selk was in the other day and bought a cast iron bird doorknocker for $35:

A couple of days later, she posted this – her Front Door Makeover

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Simple, yes – but also quick, cheap and really effective. She’s a renter, and while most renters would just live with an unsightly front entrance, we’re really impressed that she put in a bit of time and effort to freshen it up. (Um, to be honest, I own my place and haven’t given my front door any love whatsoever. The irony isn’t lost on me…)

Great job, Jen! Thanks for sharing.

PS – this is a reproduction door knocker, so if you like it we have one for you too!