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Glen Peloso

Dated Posted: September 8th, 2011

Written By: Leila

You’ll recognize Glen Peloso from popular fast-paced design shows like Restaurant Makeover and Take This House and Sell It but his own firm, Glen Peloso Interiors, works directly with residential, commercial and hospitality clients to create spaces that suit their needs. While he leans towards minimal interiors, Glen is drawn to dynamic pieces with lots of personality that can be used in creative ways to give a unique focal point to any space.

“I believe that my job is to interpret the style of my clients and execute something that they would like to live or work in. I think homes and offices are there to serve us and should work for the way that we live our lives. You may be looking for a space that will excite and inspire or a space that will calm and relax – those designs are different but both equally valid. Personally I like a space that is modern and clean lined, but with pieces that are unique as décor or highly functional as practical pieces. We should never have to adapt our lives to suit the design instead the design should adapt to the way we like to live!”

“The Door Store is a fantastic source for me in that nearly every item is unique. It is a fantastic place to get style inspiration and can provide a space that I am working on with a distinctive feature that has a sense of history. There is so much beyond doors – furniture and décor items that you simply cannot find in any other retail shop in the city. Even if I am looking for a door – I know it will be unique and completely individuated. Sam and Leila and the rest of the staff are very creative not only from a purchasing point of view but if you want to turn a piece of iron fencing into a cool table or a headboard, they have great ideas as to what piece would work best and how you might execute the project. Sam started as an architect and is a great resource in and of himself, whether I’m working on a custom piece or looking for something immediately available. The items for sale are just a part of the resources available at The Door Store!”

Glen Peloso, Principal, Glen Peloso Interiors.
Host, Restaurant Makeover, HGTV Canada/Food Network Canada. Featured Designer, Take This House and Sell It, W Network.


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