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DS Advent Calendar, Day 10: Crystal doorknobs

Dated Posted: December 10th, 2011

Written By: Leila

Because Day 10 of the DS Advent Calendar feels a little special, and because it’s Saturday, and because I’m back at work after three days of sleeping and eating soup, I thought we’d get a little fancy and look at some special hardware. Obviously I’m a huge fan of vintage hardware, but vintage crystal hardware is like a whole other kind of wonderful.

Vintage cut-crystal doorknobs are stunning, decadent, and they bring rainbows into your home when the light hits them just so. You can choose to flaunt just a little sparkle in your home – maybe just on the inside of the powder-room door, or just for the master suite, or the main floor – or maybe you want to be generous and treat the whole house (after all, she deserves it).

Crystal knobs range from about $150 to $425 per pair, based on condition, size, and rarity (most are about $350/pr).

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