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Unpacking, and more unpacking…

Dated Posted: March 17th, 2009

Written By: Leila

cardboard piled high outsideThe unpacking is well under way.  As you can see, we’ve amassed quite a pile of cardboard out back to send off to recycling.  Inside, though, things look a lot more orderly.

For the first time, we’ve been able to unpack at our loading dock (a novel idea, I know!) since it was all repaved last summer.  This means that everything enters through the basement and gets a thorough power-washing before we take it upstairs to the main showroom (or file it neatly in our basement door racks and iron area).   What does this mean? Well, it means that the upstairs looks remarkably organized considering we just got 50′ of stuff in.  Regulars will know that it usually takes us ages for things to look settled after a shipment.  Rest assured, it may look suspiciously tidy when you walk in, but look again and you’ll see lots of new items.  It’ll take a week or more to get everything cleaned up and out for sale, so be patient, and come in often…there’s new stuff appearing everyday!

Lots of pics soon…


like christmas, only bigger and heaviernone of us look our best after a long journeyinlaid tables and chandeliers

Our new shipment from Egypt has arrived!

Dated Posted: March 13th, 2009

Written By: Leila

the container at our back door

the container at our back door

Welcome to the new Door Store blog!

As many of you know, The Door Store is a place rich with stories, ideas, texture and character, and this blog is the perfect place for us to share some of that with you – photos of our newest items,snapshots of what our clients make of the items they find here, the adventures behind our buying trips, and so on.

Speaking of buying trips, I will begin with the announcement that our latest shipment has just arrived from Egypt.  Some of you may remember that we went over to Cairo last spring, and here is the proof – finally!  It’s been far too long a wait, but the story is this: the container arrived last summer, but when it was inspected in Montreal customs decided that there was too much dirt still on the iron to allow the container into the country.  The whole thing had to get shipped back to Egypt where it was unpacked, cleaned and repacked, and here it is again safe and sound – at last. 

What’s in the container? Lots of iron, incredible doors, windows, furniture, lighting…a bit of everything, I guess.  One thing is for sure: everything we get from Egypt has character – the iron is all hand-wrought, the doors have a patina that only years of sand and sun can achieve, and I swear that when the crystal chandeliers are rustled, they chime in a way that new ones never do!

It will take us a few days to unload, unpack and clean everything (I’m glad the shipment passed customs this time, but between you and me there is still a lot of hosing down to do!)  In the meantime here are some snapshots from our trip:

assorted cement floor tilesarchitectural antiques + fresh pita = match made in heaven
large doorway
garlic delivery truck (i'm sure the breath mint truck was right behind)
window w/ shutters
jason, leila & sam @ the pyramids of giza
doors w/ iron insert
egyptian doormonger

More pics as things get unpacked! ~ Leila