In the Heart of Toronto's Castlefield Design District

Before & After: Our Storefront

Dated Posted: August 31st, 2009

Written By: Leila

When we moved to our Castlefield location after 20+ years at Queen & Sherbourne, we wanted to keep things as familiar as possible – same Door Store, same look.  We kept our charmingly weathered sign, our rusty wrought iron window grilles, and even colour-matched the sun-bleached paint colours.  Six years later, our charming sign was leaving charming debris in the parking lot after every rain storm, and the rust off those bars had stained the cracked walls beyond repair.

  before    after

Introducing our new sign:  laser-cut steel letters on a 20′ cedar 2×8.  Our wrought iron has been powder coated, cracks have been repaired, and a new awning is in the works.  It feels a bit like getting a brand new wardrobe for back-to-school….same Door Store, new look! 

IM000530  sign coming down

Our old storefront on Britain Street  / Sign coming down on Castlefield

painting  steel letters

Cracks filled and goodbye pink!  / Welding tabs to our steel letters.

letters + template  up on the left...

Spacing the letters.  / Hoisting up our 20′ cedar beam.

good job everyone!


(and a special thank-you to Space Furniture for laser-cutting our letters)